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Looking For An Insurance Claims Lawyer For Advice On Your Denied Insurance Claim?

An insurance claims attorney at the Frank S. Buck, P.C., Law Firm in Birmingham will provide legal representation, answer insurance questions, and hold Alabama insurance companies accountable when people are denied fair settlements for insurance claims. Insurance companies are in business to make money and often make decisions that are unfair to policyholders. Insurance companies may refuse to issue a fair insurance payment, delay payment, or mark an insurance claim denied. Alabama law states that companies must be fair and act in good faith.

Insurance companies sometimes use intimidating tactics to deny fair settlements for legitimate insurance claims. A company might delay payment, deny payment altogether, or offer an unfair settlement. In some cases, companies discourage policyholders from asking reasonable insurance questions by not returning phone calls or not responding to letters or emails regarding an insurance claim status. Victims of these fraudulent tactics need legal representation from a Birmingham insurance claims lawyer to get a fair settlement.

There are many laws designed to protect consumers like you and it is not rare for a policyholder like yourself to file a lawsuit against an insurance company for violating or failing the terms of the insurance policy. It is more likely that you may have experienced claims not being paid in a timely manner or not being paid at all as well as your insurer making bad health claims because these are known to commonly happen. A denied insurance claim can either be legitimate or not which commonly include lack of coverage, application errors, insurance fraud and bad faith denial. An insurance company can have plenty of reasons in their defense for a denied insurance claim. An insurer may argue that your denied insurance claim isn’t covered by your insurance policy or they may claim you made certain misrepresentations on your original application that nullify the coverage of your policy. An insurer might offer many justifications with confusing policy jargon, to simply disguise the fact that they just don’t want to pay for the claim.

An Insurance Claims Lawyer Can Get What You Are Owed

Every insurer has a set of responsibilities and obligations to each of its policyholders. It is expected of them to abide by the terms of the policy with sincerity of intention and avoid unfair trade practices. The insurance company’s obligations typically require them to avoid inadequate and delayed investigation into the claim, refusing to pay a claim where liability is reasonably clear, failing to approve or deny a claim within a reasonable or specified timeframe and denying a claim with little or no explanation as to the reason for the denial. Since the insurance industry is generally regulated at the state level, their precise duties vary from state to state and an insurance claim attorney at the Frank S. Buck, P.C., Law Firm in Birmingham can help explain the types of lawsuits you can bring against an insurer and the kinds of damages available to you that you can pursue in a given lawsuit.

Whether or not you are currently considering filing a lawsuit to your insurance provider, it is best to be prepared and keep tabs of detailed records that you think will help your case. Providing a clear documentation of relevant correspondence with the insurance company and their customer facing employees is always beneficial. Keep copies of emails and take notes of phone conversations, including dates and the names of representatives. It is also very important as it is helpful to maintain all the necessary records as well as receipts and property pictures. An insurance claims attorney at the Frank S. Buck Law Firm in Birmingham can guide you on these and provide insurance litigation.

You’re Not Alone, Seek Legal Help

It’s fairly easy to be overwhelmed, especially when you have to go up against your insurance provider for not being able to commit to their obligations on top of dealing with an injury or loss of a loved one, property damage or some other forms of misfortune. Discuss your concerns with an insurance claims lawyer who is willing to defend your interests. Insurance law in itself can be very complex, time consuming and stressful – considering the frustration and headache that you have to undergo with an uncooperative insurance carrier. Seek help from an insurance claims lawyer that has been capable of handling insurance litigation. Securing yourself with one not only ensures that you get clarity of all the ambiguities involved in your case, but to also make sure that you are well defended and taken care of legally.

As you may already know, insurance companies use intimidating tactics to deny fair settlements for legitimate insurance claims. An insurance claims lawyer at Frank S. Buck Law Firm in Birmingham will not be intimidated by insurance companies and adjustors. Contact an insurance claims attorney today to ask insurance questions and obtain legal representation.

Call the Frank S. Buck Law Firm if you are being denied fair reimbursement by your insurance carrier.

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