Navigating the Waters of Covid-19 When You Have Been in a Collision

Navigating the Waters of Covid-19 When You Have Been in a Collision

Despite the new normal of social distancing and wearing masks, most people still travel the roads of Alabama daily. We continue to get our essential groceries, prescriptions, gas or other necessities. Many people have begun shipping their essential items to their homes, so they do not have to risk exposure to the virus. More shipping means more 18-wheelers or big corporate trucks are on the road. Many truckers work lengthy hours, driving long distances hauling cargo, which can result in fatigue and distracted driving, both of which can lead to catastrophic crashes. In addition, truckers often face strict delivery deadlines, causing some to disregard speed limits. Auto collisions with these big trucks and normal passenger vehicles happen daily despite the change in many people’s lifestyle with COVID.

If you are injured in a motor vehicle crash that someone else caused, it is important to call an attorney who handles trucking and motor vehicle collisions immediately to fight for you. The trucking or auto insurance company will begin investigating the wreck right away with a team of experts and lawyers on the case, so time is of the essence for you to hire an attorney to begin investigation to protect yourself. There is valuable evidence that must be promptly gathered to show exactly what occurred in the wreck before the evidence is lost or destroyed.

Since car wrecks have continued during this pandemic, we have adjusted the way we handle cases in order to best serve and protect you and your family. While we are more than happy to meet with you in person, masked and socially distant, we can also help you by phone, mail, email, zoom meetings and an array of other resources and technology in order to continue moving your case to get the best result for you. Furthermore, the Judges in Alabama have done an amazing job of continuing to move litigation cases by a new assortment of resources, despite our world being turned upside down with this virus outbreak and our new reality. If you have a car wreck and are injured, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be waiting to help you.

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